Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc: Delivering Comprehensive APM Solutions to Accelerate Business Excellence

Larry Olson, Chairman/President, CEO
With the greater demand for different types of energy sources and increasing competition, the oil and gas industry has been significantly embracing newer technologies and harnessing the power of big data to produce the best of the best products and services. “In such a scenario, the biggest challenge faced in the market is to get structured and useful data,” says Larry Olson, Chairman/President/CEO, Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc. With the core mission to address this challenge, Nexus Global brings process and systems together by providing specific deliverables. “At Nexus Global, we develop solutions that fit the market and then tailor them to the end-user with simplistic implementation,” he adds. The company focuses on bottom-line, ROI-driven projects to assist upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas companies to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

With an industry presence of more than a decade, Nexus Global— an asset performance management (APM) consulting company—offers customized, comprehensive solutions to oil and gas companies across the globe. “Our assessment services have been developed throughout the years using the rich knowledge of our industry experts,” says Olson. As one of their solutions, Nexus Global offers an award winning suite of software which the company says complements to its boots on the ground approach. “Our software gives clients a variety of high-level, multi-tier technology solutions to meet their organizational goals of asset reliability, asset integrity, and continuous improvement,” he adds.

In addition to their software solutions, the company also specializes in consulting, coaching, training, and manpower services to help oil and gas companies comply with industry standards and optimize their maintenance activities. Nexus Global’s team of experts tailor an asset integrity management program that focuses on extending asset service life and overall reliability. “Our APM offerings in the reliability software arena cover everything from root cause analysis, FRACAS, and preventive maintenance optimization to monitor and improve an asset’s reliability,” states Olson.

Our assessment services have been developed throughout the years using the rich knowledge of our industry experts

Nexus Global’s professional coaching solutions utilize cross industry experience and knowledge to assist clients in professional development on both an organizational and individual level. “Our goal is to discover the areas of growth within organizations that can lead to overall operational success,” claims Olson. The company’s asset performance coaches partner with clients to uncover internal enhancement potential, while providing implementation support needed to rapidly deliver improvements. “Recognized as superior change specialists with a proven hands-on approach, we have a solid track record of successfully mentoring clients through the entire lifecycle of their asset improvement project,” he adds.

With a global network of industry subject matter experts, Nexus Global prides itself on delivering an innovative and improved model for enhanced user experience. For instance, a multinational oil company was facing issues as their offshore and onshore installations continued to rise at alarming rates. The company wanted to achieve buy-in on the case for change at each location. Nexus Global engaged with the client at the leadership level to achieve support and sponsorship. Through this, clearly defined roles and responsibilities were established within the maintenance execution program.

With its solutions serving vast geo¬graphical demographics like the U.S., South America, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia, Nexus Global plans to continue innovating its product offerings. “We do have a prod¬uct in development for the consulting assessment world. Additionally, we are looking for acquisitions to enhance our portfolio of product offerings and cor-porate global growth,” concludes Olson.

Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc

Houston, TX

Larry Olson, Chairman/President, CEO

Global asset performance management solutions provider to the oil & gas industry, with sustainable software solutions that find the hidden capacities with operational excellence.