Top 20 Oil & Gas Technology Companies - 2017

Today the Oil and Gas industry is redefining its boundaries through digitalization and fast recognizing that digital technologies can help them reduce costs, which is especially important in this environment. Digitalization is acting as an enabler to tackle these challenges and provide value to all its stakeholders.

On the one hand where digitalization is the source of a positive change, there are a number of challenges that need to be overcome to realize its full potential for both business and society. In some cases, the gains from digitalization have been inequitable with the benefits not reaching those who need it most. At the same time, the exponential increase in global information flows have created new risks around data privacy and security and businesses across sectors are grappling with challenges related to changing customer expectations, cultural transformation, outdated regulation, and skill shortages – to name a few.

With over hundreds of Oil and Gas Technology Solution providers in the industry today, finding the right solution is fast becoming a critical requirement for businesses. CIOReview has thoroughly analyzed this situation and has come up with the 20 Most Promising Oil and Gas Technology Solution Providers of 2017. These firms have culminated the ability to develop and offer outstanding cutting edge techniques and solutions to add value to oil and gas landscape.

In our selection process, we looked at the organizations with the capabilities to fulfil the need for cost-effective and concrete solutions. In this edition of CIOReview, we bring to you the “20 Most Promising Oil & Gas Technology Solution Providers 2017”.

    Top Oil and Gas Technology Solution Companies

  • 1

    Provides web-based tools and consultancy services to oil refineries in turnaround events and capital projects to meet budget and schedule requirements

  • 2

    C&C Reservoirs is a global content and analytics company providing software and services

  • 3

    Offers advanced, mathematical simulation solutions to oil and gas companies to digitize schedule and network optimization of their supply chain

  • 4

    Epsis helps to glue together people, processes, and technology in an oilfield operation by visually integrating all applications and collaboration sources

  • 5

    Genscape measures market fundamentals using thousands of patented and proprietary land, sea, and satellite monitors strategically deployed worldwide

  • 6

    Develops robust, high fidelity monitoring systems for oil and gas companies

  • 7

    Offers IoT solutions based on robust, reliable, and multiprotocol network to the oil and gas industry

  • 8

    A risk ratings and analytics company that provides risk assessment capabilities to various stakeholders in the oil and gas operational ecosystem

  • 9

    Lease Analytics uses next-generation deep-learning technologies to solve back office issues in the oil and gas sector

  • 10

    Empowers industrial control system operators with the real-time information needed to improve system and process integrity and ensure cyber resiliency

  • 11

    A leading Provider of IoT solutions for enterprise users in many different industry verticals

  • 12

    One Stop Systems provides graphical compute power and storage for a variety of oil and gas applications

  • 13

    A global technology company specializing in the upstream oil and gas market

  • 14

    Implements Salesforce Fullforce solutions for the oil and gas industry, with deep domain knowledge and rapidly developed ’accelerator’ tools

  • 15

    Provide a technological solution to heavy oil production and revitalization of marginal and stripper wells

  • 16

    Helping customers realize their oil and gas production potential through software and automation solutions technology backed by expert services

  • 17

    IBM Corporation [NYSE:IBM]

    IBM Corporation [NYSE:IBM]

    Delivers solutions for chemical and petroleum companies and help turn information into actionable insights in order to enhance exploration and production

  • 18



    Offers broad enterprise asset management (EAM) and resources planning (ERP) to suite vendors in development of an assetmanagement solution for utilities

  • 19

    Oracle [NYSE:ORCL]

    Oracle [NYSE:ORCL]

    Delivers modern cloud applications and platform services that are built to transform the oil and gas industry through innovation

  • 20



    Enables enterprises in achieving competitive advantage by optimizing oil and gas production and distribution processes