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The deep permeation of technology in every imaginable pursuits of business has transformed the present into an ‘app-driven’ era that undoubtedly paves the way for the simplification of complex tasks and everyday operations. Tech-savvy enterprises across many verticals are deploying mobile solutions that provide procedural guidance and compliance for successfully completing and documenting all kinds of complex and routine operations. Today, many businesses are restricted, for example, to conventional class room trainings, handouts, and data burned on CDs that may offer limited value to workers. The guideVue solution enables workers to perform complex tasks accurately, reduce errors, and increase employee productivity, while reducing risks associated with mission-critical tasks. The technology was originally developed at NASA Johnson Space Center to assist astronauts performing complex tasks during deep space exploration missions. “The system is designed to be integrated within the enterprise’s existing IT infrastructure, within their security firewalls,” says Sriram Iyengar, co-founder and president of guideVue, Inc.

guideVue, Inc. a Texas corporation located in Houston, provides software tools that allow you to create custom procedural applications called guideVues that are published to any iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets as well as Windows PCs. There are 4 main products that create, publish, capture and report data: Author; Publisher; Reporter and Player. guideVue surrounds these tools with services that allow for assessment, implementation and system integration. Support services are also provided for guideVue application development and customization, training and email and phone customer support.

With guideVue you can create custom mobile procedural applications without programming skills, by drag and drop of text, audio, images, video and animations into the guides. You can provide real-time, adaptive, user and data driven navigation; support communications via email, phone call, text or Face Time. guideVues can collect data with check boxes, radio buttons, text boxes, combo boxes, photos, video and more with no programming skills required.
It also analyzes end user data with a Reporter module that generates individual and group reports and details how the user interacted with the guideVue and integrates with back-end databases. “guideVue apps can also take pictures of people inspecting a valve and instruct workers to take the pictures of the work and upload the image directly to the server thereby, allowing instant documentation,” says Iyengar. “The guideVue app for iPhone and iPad is still being reviewed by iTunes as adjustments were made for the recent iOS 8.1.2 update. It will be ready for download by end of December,” he adds.

For various reasons, many oil and gas companies still struggle moving beyond conventional ‘to-do check-lists’. guideVue provides the incentive by providing knowledge and structured information anytime and anywhere. “We know leveraging mobile technology is an answer to these challenges, but it comes along with security constraints on valuable intellectual property,” adds Iyengar. “guideVue Publisher provides tools to restrict and manage access to procedure information to selected employees or groups of employees.”

Our technology is feature-rich and includes authoring, playing, reporting and publishing tools that can integrate with the customers’ underlying technology and function within their security firewalls

Transocean, a provider of offshore drilling services for energy companies approached guideVue to develop mobile tools carrying relevant details and protocols which allow the workers to perform on-site critical and simple tasks. Experts at guideVue created a customized library of more than 20 guideVue apps that reduced the client’s overall investment of time and resources on training.
Unique and cutting-edge technology is one of guideVue’s distinguishing traits. Applications are based on the simple philosophy of breaking down knowledge and making it available to mobile users anytime, anywhere. guideVue plans to steer to success by delivering on its tenet to create endless value add to their client’s businesses.


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Sriram Iyengar, President and Steve Kuntz, VP Business Development

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