Omni-ID: A True Disruptor in the RFID Space

Ed Nabrtozky, Chief Solutions Officer
The disruption Omni-ID has made translates to the number of implementations many industries such as the oil and gas, manufacturing and Asset Management have actualized leveraging the firm’s Radio Frequency based Identification Tags. “We definitely have been disruptive and have made some incumbents uncomfortable,”states Ed Nabrotzky, Chief Solutions Officer, Omni-ID-a vendor of Radio Frequency (RF) based technologies.

The firm builds Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags that are designed to operate in a number of challenging environmental conditions such as in oil and gas. Omni-ID’s tags exhibit incredible toughness. With a variety of form factors and encasement options, they are optimized to tolerate some of the harshest conditions on the planet. From temperature extremities, to corrosive materials, to salt water resistance, both their active and passive tags are certified for hazardous environments.

Known for consistently setting industry standards, Omni-ID leads the RFID space through its three main offerings; passive, active, and visual e-paper tags for manufacturing. As the patent holder and inventor of on-metal technology for passive RFID, Omni-ID has created some of the most innovative products specifically for the oil & gas industry. From passive tags with the longest read ranges on the market, to metal encased tags that withstand high impact or tags that can be embedded into metal, the company can design to fit most any application.

Omni-ID’s active tag product boasts similar innovative technology. With both passive and active RFID built in, it has the strongest mechanical package available in the market. Communicating over the IEEE standard at 433 MHz, this tag has the highest acquisition rate in the industry and typically costs much less than competitive products. With flexible mounting options and the ability to withstand high mechanical stresses both productsare completely conducive for returnable container tracking in manufacturing, asset and vehicle tracking in laydown yards and other large areas such as construction sites.

Our materials engineers develop tags that can fit through tiny apertures and withstand tremendous pressures in different kinds of corrosive materials

From pipes, casings, and safety equipment; to generators, shipping containers, and trucks, Omni-ID’s rugged RFID tags are built for every need in the oil and gasand supply chainarenas. From asset tracking and location, to ensuring companies meet compliance standards for pipe inspection and maintenance tracking to ensuring authenticity through anti-counterfeit programs, product reliability and consistency is key.

Omni-ID’s auto-identification solutions help oil and gas customers to proactively manage assets, organize purchase orders, inspection dates, and certifications-all without paper and hands free for employee safety.

The fact that Omni-ID also owns their manufacturing facility comes as a shot-in-the-arm. “Our production facility allows us to do in-house testing and quality control, and we have a great reputation in the industry for the quality of our asset management products,” says Nabrtozky. “This also allows us the ability to customize and deliver products much faster than other providers.”

“Our materials engineers develop tags that can fit through tiny apertures and withstand tremendous pressures in different kinds of corrosive materials,” says a proud Nabrotzky.With many firsts to its name be it in bringing the first metal and high temp tags the first industrial e-paper or visual tagging vendors to put operator instructions right on the tag, Omni-ID further looks to innovate in the sensor market to meet the needs of the most challenging industrial environments.


Rochester, NY

Ed Nabrtozky, Chief Solutions Officer

A provider of efficient RFID tags for the most ruggedized operating environments.

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