ServicePower: The Digital Oilfield Advantage for Unleashing Productivity

Marne Martin, CEO
The introduction of digital oilfield technology is transforming the way the oil and gas industry does business by helping to maximize oilfield recovery, eliminate non-productive time, increase Return on Investment (ROI) and profitability through integration of workflows, mobility, and design. ServicePower’s mobile workforce management software platform facilitates the emerging ‘digital oil field’, providing technology that oil and gas enterprises can rely on to ensure time and resources aren’t wasted by improving efficiency through optimization of labor with parts real time visibility, accurate field communications and data collection, and intelligent, responsive decision. ServicePower’s CEO Marne Martin states, “Our platform provides work order management, forecasting, intelligent scheduling, configurable mobile functionality across multiple devices, IoT/M2M modelling, real time collaboration and operational intelligence to improve utilization of dwindling staff and reducing schedule costs.”

ServicePower patented optimization technology, ServiceScheduling, enhances efficiency, aligns job priorities, asset information and parts availability, real time field communications, and data collection. “ServiceScheduling facilitates cost savings, better crew productivity, and efficiencies withsuperior schedule adherence and overall margins in a B2C or B2B environment,” asserts Martin. Such comprehensive services have helped ServicePower retain illustrious global customers. Customer after customer have deployed ServiceScheduling to increase productivity and reduce cycle time, save hardware and software costs and overhead costs, yielding more completed jobs per day and faster customer response times. ServiceMobility enables clients with cutting edge mobile technology, parts inventory, and other capabilities.

Organizations are consistently choosing ServicePower for its focus on product, people and shareholders. The company continually reviews emerging technologies such as social, mobile, Cloud, analytics and IoT/M2M, wearables, and near field communication (NFC) to create better service for their customers.
Its newest product, NEXUS FSTM, provides customers the flexibility to handle every element of a job in the field with full on-site process mobilization, configured to collect data or display forms specific based on site specific requirements.

ServicePower integrates M2M technology sensor data to monitor current conditions, predict future failures, and accelerate maintenance schedules. “We launched NEXUS FSTM field service management software in Septemberto enable businesses of any size to executethe same business process, utilize the same mobile features and realize the same productivity gains as large enterprises enjoy,” says Martin.

“We identify partners to extend our product and services capabilities whether in analytics, IoT, parts, implementation, etc. We endeavor to remain at the forefront of mobile workforce management software, while delivering increasing value to our clients and shareholders.”

“We continue to innovate our mobile workforce management software. New Optimization on DemandTM offers the power and efficiency of robust route optimization, in the cloud, on demand, to any business, without the overhead of a full WFM software deployment. We also recently applied for three new patents for Quantum Annealing (QA), a new algorithm for field service and workforce management solutions.

The first new algorithm developed for field service in many years, “QA drives greater productivity and route efficiencies by making the optimization more efficient than any other technology on the market.”
The new Management Console provides ‘driver’s seat’ visibility and control over the entire operation, as well as modularization of the entire platform, making it easier to deploy new processes and bring in analytics and other applications into the evolving data hub. ServicePower has deployed their service offerings across North America, EMEA, and Germany and plan expansion to Latin America, Asia, Middle East, Europe and South America. “We will continue to seek out the right partners to add to our ecosystem to support innovative products, deployment and vertical market share gains,” adds Martin.


McLean, VA

Marne Martin, CEO

A provider of mobile workforce management software solutions that deliver enhanced productivity, improved customer experience and ROI across multiple labor sources on one consistent platform.

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