OSIsoft: Driving Transformative Insights with Operational Intelligence

Digitalization is making machines and equipments smarter to streamline workflows in oil fields. But, these smart machines are generating siloed time series data in the system, creating hurdles in managing assets at remote locations and meeting environmental regulations. To optimize asset management while staying compliant, OSIsoft, a San Leandro, CA-based software company, delivers operational improvements and breakthroughs for comprehensive business transformation with PI System. “At OSIsoft we have always believed that people can transform the world through data. This will enable us to bring the PI System to a growing audience,” begins Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy, Founder and CEO, OSIsoft.

The PI System delivers a single, enterprise-wide data infrastructure that integrates, contextualizes, and visualizes complex information in real time. Its open, scalable architecture collects high fidelity time series data from disparate sources and centralizes it in real-time. Post collection, the system merges the information silos, eliminates system incompatibilities, and ultimately unifies all data sources. With all the information accumulated at one place, the PI system instantly compares the historical and real-time information for unveiling the intermittent issues, troubleshooting equipment failures, amongst others. When the complete information is with the user, the product allows visualizing the operational data—from detailed process diagrams and self-configuring displays to batch/even analysis and KPI/dashboards. PI System has the ability to share the visualizations across the enterprise from anywhere, anytime and with any device. The solution also ensures data security by enabling a fine control of the information exchange, the users who are sending it and the recipient. “Our PI System provides real-time and historical data to use in monitoring performance and reliability,” says Kennedy.

The PI System infrastructure empowers transformational change across all areas of operation. From process efficiency, asset health, and resource management to quality, regulations, safety, and security, the data infrastructure delivers its customers the foundation of information required to optimize and improve business on an enterprise scale. For instance, a natural gas supplier, Columbia Pipeline Group (CPG) had a network of 15K miles of natural gas pipeline and the utilities relied on CPG for meeting the business demands.

Our PI System provides real-time and historical data to use in monitoring performance and reliability

Initially, the client had installed PI System for event investigations. But, the limited use of solution didn’t provide the expected reliability to CPG’s customers. Later, the client decided to extend the capabilities of PI System and noticed improvement in employee satisfaction, customer retention, and sales while reducing cost expenses. The system also provided complete visibility of the pipeline to the ground staff, operators, and executives.

PI System comprises of three layers: PI System Tools, PI Server, and PI System Connections. PI System Tools are data analysis and visualization products delivering the PI Server— handles storage, processing, and delivery of information—data to users wherever they are, whenever they need it. The tools make it easy for all users, around the globe, to access and leverage the data in day-to-day work. From mobile devices to web dashboards to desktops, the product ousts complexities out of data delivery and analysis, ensuring the data reaches the users whether in the office or on the go. PI System Connections offers an unprecedented level of connectivity and provides a robust infrastructure for collecting and connecting data throughout the enterprise.

In the years to come, OSIsoft has plans to enhance visualization and analytics of PI System and will ensure enterprise integration—ERP, Geo-spatial data—for better accessibility for its customers.


San Leandro, CA

Dr. Patrick Kennedy, Founder & CEO

By centralizing data from real-time process automation systems, the PI System creates visibility across all O&G segments.