iTank™, a Numerex Solution: Integrating the IoT and Tank Monitoring

Ken Gayron, Interim CEO
Most oil distributors still rely on manual processes to determine tank fill levels on their customers tanks, which can be installed in clusters, spread out over many miles or in other states. Too often, fuel distributors are sent to unnecessarily ‘top off’ a tank that doesn’t need it, wasting valuable time and resulting in revenue loss from unnecessary truck rolls, fuel costs, and inefficiencies. Numerex, an Atlanta-based company, leverages advanced IoT solutions to deliver remote tank monitoring and distribution optimization solutions with iTank.

Numerex’s flagship industrial IoT solution, iTank, uses sensors on smart devices attached to storage tanks to remotely check tank fill levels. These devices transmit level measurement data to the iTank cloud server where it is processed. The data is then transferred to the web portal that displays it in a color-coded dashboard to indicate the fill levels. iTank makes remote tank monitoring seamless, allowing distributors to predict customer needs, resulting in increased efficiency and a better ROI. More than just a tank monitoring solution, iTank is an end-to-end, cloud-based service delivery platform that assists bulk lubes and fuel distributors to optimize their delivery routes. It prioritizes requirements based on fill levels and directs drivers toward critical locations, thereby facilitating timely delivery and averting emergency situations. The most common uses cases for iTank are bulk lubes and fuels such as any petroleum based product like oil or lubricants, but iTank can also monitor bulk liquids like propane gas or gasoline, using an intrinsically safe solution approved for monitoring potentially explosive products. iTank can also monitor tanks holding water and other liquid gases like carbon dioxide or helium.

“iTank is purpose-built to improve logistics, inventory management, and route,” says Ken Gayron, Interim CEO of Numerex.

iTank is purpose-built to improve logistics, inventory management, and route planning for oil and gas distributors

The solution targets distributors that wish to reduce miles driven and improve profitability. iTank has minimal startup costs, low monthly fees, and an ever-responsive customer service team. “We are a full solutions provider. Enterprise users get the device, the network, and the application as part of a managed service,” adds Gayron. Numerex also provides round the clock technical support for any iTank related issues.

Recently, after Retif Oil and Fuel implemented iTank, they witnessed a reduction in the number of deliveries by 48 percent which resulted in a significant increase in ROI. Prior to the iTank deployment, Retif Oil and Fuel struggled with the inefficiencies of manual monitoring of customer tanks and a ‘keep full’ stocking mode, but now they are able to efficiently monitor thousands of tanks in their delivery area. “The dashboard is color coded, so we just need to look at the tanks approaching the 25 percent full mark or red mark,” commented President of Retif Oil and Fuel, Kenny Retif. “With just a few clicks, you can pull up all your deliveries and take care of everyone that falls within that threshold.”

Going forward, Numerex plans to expand extensively across North America. There are many tank farms that still are not being monitored, making this a huge but underserved market. By leveraging the best of new and innovative technologies, Numerex expects to expand the market even further, stretching to geographies outside the U.S. in the coming years.


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Ken Gayron, Interim CEO

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