Enertia Software: All-in-One Integrated Solution for Oil and Gas

Traditionally, the oil and gas industry has not embraced technology to the extent that other sectors such as finance and healthcare have. Being inherently conservative and owing to high capital investments and long payback periods, the oil and gas industry is slow in adopting technology solutions. But the external environment around the energy industry is evolving, with oil and gas companies pushing further into remote areas, attempting to extract more from existing wells while facing competition from renewable energy sources. This calls for the adoption of technological solutions to address the industry's needs to increase operational efficiency, cut costs, reduce environmental impact, and maintain stability. This is where Enertia Software—fortified by the right technology and rich experience— addresses the industry's needs as the only single-vendor developer of integrated enterprise solutions for the upstream oil and gas companies.

"Enertia endeavors to deliver best-in-class development, implementation, and business consulting services to its clients through a fully integrated solution," says Karl R. Schmidt, the COO of Enertia Software. The integrated solution delivers efficiencies through a single database, consistent user interface and the ability to interface data when and where it needs to happen for 3rd party applications.

Enertia utilizes Microsoft SQL server as the database for the software and .NET for the development of the user interface. Enertia provides Core Integrated Solutions for material accounting, financials, field data capture (FDC), Enertia land & contract applications, and more. These solutions powered by automated workflows enable oil and gas companies to securely access, audit, visualize, and turn real-time data into usable, reliable business information to enhance operational efficiency.

Enertia's accounting and financials is an intuitive data-driven solution that reduces closing cycles and enhances processing performance. Enertia's FDC solution provides information about critical data elements such as data trends and errors directly to the field level operators, facilitating on-site trend analysis. The company also provides services and material accounting applications in well production, mapping, report writing, query building, inventory and material transfers, and more.
Enertia's image and file linking services provide instant access to important documents, receipts, and images, enhancing reporting functionality of management teams as well as security and incident tracking. Enertia's integration with ESRI ArcMap & ArcGIS Pro, facilitates in-depth data analysis, intelligent visualization, and integrated management of land, contract, and division order data from a single application.

You can’t change yesterday, but you can learn from it and also discover new ways to address the industry’s needs. That is our focus

“Having implemented over 400 projects, Enertia has accumulated experience marked by close interaction with customers to tailor the software to each specific client's needs,” states Schmidt. Enertia's all-in-one approach delivers unparallel data cohesiveness facilitating client data security, accuracy, compliance with industry regulations, and eliminates paperwork by digitizing content. This is achieved in a way that allows the software to be unique to each client environment without being a customized solution. Enertia is not a collection of modules “interfaced” around each other but a singular, universal software application solution that can be delivered to address any or all of the integrated components.

Geared up for today's energy landscape, Enertia provides mobile device application development, cloud, hosting, management, and IT support, through a secure environment and continues to enhance its technical architecture and application functionality. Through bi-annual software upgrades, the company delivers the same set of application functionality to all its customers to provide them the ability to develop competitive potency. “You can’t change yesterday, but you can learn from it and also discover new ways to address the industry’s needs. That is our focus,” concludes Schmidt.

Enertia Software

Midland, TX

Karl R. Schmidt, COO

Is one of the only single source vendor application offering a fully integrated solution to management teams in the upstream oil and gas industry

Enertia Software