FutureOn: The Digitalization of the Oil and Gas Industry

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Paal Roppen, CEO
The oil and gas industry has stood on a precipice for too long: faced with lower prices and more difficult recovery, the industry should have begun innovating and readily adopting new technology ten years ago. However, unlike many other industries, the oil and gas industry has been slow to adopt technological innovations on the software front. Oil and gas companies need to take the software technology plunge. Most operators’ valuable field data is trapped in siloed systems which are expert engineering tools but don’t migrate data easily. This leaves oil and gas companies with a huge amount of trapped, yet powerful data with untapped potential. This sector requires new workflows and determined investments in digital technologies.

FutureOn’s Cloud-based platform, FieldTwin, is a game-changer in the space as it helps companies digitalize and improve their productivity, efficiency, and risk management. The company has an experience of more than 15 years in being a state-of-the-art provider of 3D visual engineering solutions for oil and gas clients worldwide. “By going digital, companies now have the capability to design, plan, and install even smarter Greenfield projects, and that will end up being more profitable than previous/existing Brownfield investments,” explains Paal Roppen, CEO, FutureOn.

In today’s market, as CIOs seek to implement new technology solutions that can connect and enable a seamless, integrated workflow and environment – digitalization is the key driver of their business strategy. To make critical business decisions for reviewing and re-defining the roles, responsibilities, and value chain of the field, executives and managers rely on data. This is where FutureOn is changing mindsets and helping companies re-imagine. The company’s unique cloud-based platform – FieldTwin, and its suite of applications, including an industry-standard: FieldAP, offers 3D visualization of existing and dynamic data of engineering operations at oil and gas fields. FutureOn’s FieldTwin platform is combining multiple diverse engineering and workflow applications to help companies make faster and better decisions while lowering project risks.
FutureOn’s unique platform enables critical operations data to be a 3D contextual and visual representation of its physical assets – which enables producers to maximize asset performance as well as displays warnings or notifications, whenever parameters are exceeded. Customers can create safer and more responsive operating conditions and lower risks. The open API economy will allow the customer’s interface to integrate with other backend systems and offshore engineering software already in use, either for field design, field planning, or activity schedule. To address user-friendliness, the field layout module allows for “drag-and-drop” operations and creates new or replicates existing field layouts. All stakeholders can access the same information on their visual dashboard in real-time from any geographical location—enabling close collaboration between team members. Additionally, companies can save the costs of outsourced asset inspection, maintenance, and repair programs.

To illustrate the efficiency of FurtureOn’s solutions, a prominent oil and gas company’s field designers and engineers were faced with the difficulties of working manually in MS PowerPoint, Excel, and computer-aided designs software (CAD) within a siloed system. The company lacked the tools to collaborate—resulting in a delay of the “pre-feed efficiency.” By using FutureOn’s FieldAP – a FieldTwin platform application, it enabled the company’s teams to collaborate world-wide in a visual dashboard that displayed the same information to everyone in real-time and helped them create different field scenarios in a secured cloud network. FutureOn’s solutions also reduced the time taken for the customer to improve the pre-FEED efficiency of its workflow.

Forging ahead, FutureOn is building a global ecosystem around their platform by adding the technical resources to support both internal onboarding efforts as well as partners who want to integrate with their solutions. The company works with large industry players in the U.S. and Europe, including the operators and EPCs (engineering, procurement, and construction service companies). FutureOn aims to establish itself as a ‘disruptor’ in the market with their innovations.“Visualization is quickly becoming one of the biggest trends in the market. Communication and information will be all about 2D and 3D visualization and eventually AR/VR technology,” concludes Toppen.


Houston, TX

Paal Roppen, CEO

FutureOn surfaces from Xvision, which is a part of the EXP group having more than fifteen years of experience in providing state-of-the-art visual engineering. The company caters to an impressive clientele belonging to the Oil and Gas subsea sector. FutureOn is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and has an office in Houston, TX. The enterprise has developed a large number of visual software and digital solutions for the oil and gas subsea domain. The core employees and co-founders at the firm are all qualified entrepreneurs and experienced professionals within the visual design and oil and gas industry