20 Most Promising Oil & Gas Technology Solution Providers - 2015

20 Most Promising Oil & Gas Technology Solution Providers - 2015

The oil and gas industry plays an indispensable role in facilitating business across different spheres of economy with timely and adequate resources. Volatile market conditions, economic downswing and the increasing costs inadvertently persist as imminent challenges in the oil and gas sector. To make oil and gas industry thrive, organizations are deploying technology and software solutions such as cloud computing, database services and tools that are streamlining and maximizing operational productivity. For instance, big data has made its way right from oil fields to refineries, pipelines and transportation and also downstream to the trader and the gas station forecourt. Additionally, Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining a strong foothold across the industry, changing how companies utilize labor and allowing for more effective utilization of resources. These solutions not just cater to the transient needs of the organizations but, also help them adhere to government regulations, reduce pollution and wastage that damage environment and human health, and conserve resources.

In the last few months, we have analyzed hundreds of oil and gas technology solution providers and shortlisted the companies that are at the forefront of tackling challenges in the oil and gas arena. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs and analysts including CIOReview’s editorial board has selected the final list of Oil and Gas Technology Solution Providers of 2015. The selection is based on the vendor’s capability to offer cutting edge technologies and solutions that add value to the oil and gas landscape.

We present to you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Oil and Gas Technology Solution Providers 2015.

Company Name

Company Description

Aspect Providing commodity trading and risk management, supply chain management, and real-time market information solutions.
CartoPac International From basic mobile applications used to map field assets to deploying enterprise systems, CartoPac provides software solutions for energy comapanies.
Entero Corporation A software development company helping energy companies manage different functional areas from the field to the boardroom.
Flow-Cal Validates, recalculates, stores and reports measurement data from field devices, and link that information to users and stakeholders throughout an organization.
Geoforce Provider of track and trace equipment and asset utilization solutions that are built for the unique requirements of the oil and gas industry.
Integrated Informatics Integrated Informatics Inc. is a leading consultancy for Geographic Information System (GIS) implementation and development.
ION Provide solutions technology driven solutions to help oil & gas companies reduce risk and optimize assets throughout the E&P lifecycle.
Landmark Solutions Provides software and solutions for the exploration and production of oil and gas reserves.
Mangan Software Solutions Assisting clients to standardize and automate engineering processes, streamline operations and manage risk through innovative software products and services.
NeoFirma Provides an easy-to-use, cloud-based suite of software solutions to manage drilling and production operations in the oil and gas landscape.
Nexus Global Business Solutions, Inc Global asset performance management solutions provider to the oil & gas industry, with sustainable software solutions that find the hidden capacities with operational excellence.
Omni-ID A provider of efficient RFID tags for the most ruggedized operating environments.
P2 Energy Solutions Software and technology company dedicated to the upstream oil and gas industry, with solutions spanning the entire value chain from exploration to decommissioning.
Paradigm Provides technology by combining leading-edge science, high-performance desktop and cluster computing, and scalable data management.
Penta Technologies Providing products and services that help customers improve their operational efficiency and overall effectiveness in the oil and gas industry
Quorum Provides a platform for integrated solutions throughout the energy value chain
Schlumberger Supplier of technology, integrated project management and information solutions to customers working in the oil and gas industry worldwide.
ServicePower A provider of mobile workforce management software solutions that deliver enhanced productivity, improved customer experience and ROI across multiple labor sources on one consistent platform.
Seven Lakes Optimize operations through analytics and business process workflow software for the Oil and Energy industry
Welocalize Provides real-time, quality translations and localization of content.