Top 20 Oil and Gas Technology Companies - 2018

Oil and gas, is one of many groundbreaking sectors to have adapted to the smart revolution. In a market awash with technological leaps such as AI and IoT, the current view is one of innovation over expansion. In this day and age, increasing production while keeping resource cost down employs several of those technologies, including a fundamental overhaul in IT application through automation, big data analytics and the inevitable advent of blockchain. Retrospectively then, the shift today is toward the same objectives that they’ve always been.

Optimization in operations and redevelopment of outdated systems are performed every day on the oil field and beyond. Real time visibility software that helps expedite the production process is invaluable to the bottom line and for every gallon on the dollar. As augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) make their presence felt as well— everything from drones, 3D printing, and GPU powered innovations thrive—the concept of a digital reality is past the point of realization to conquer a segment via commercialization and industrialization. On the other hand, several opportunities lie in optimizing operations through better land administration, self regulated “smart contracts,” realtime oil hauling, dynamic pumper routing and the advent of integrated workflow management—all of which are critical facets of a modern oil project.

In enabling these prerogatives, CIO Review, in consult with leading CXO’s in the industry, present the “20 Most Promising Oil and Gas Technology Solution Providers - 2018”, to enlighten and exalt you with the visionaries of the Oil and Gas sector today.

    Top 20 Oil and Gas Technology Companies

  • 1

    Provides advanced algorithms and intelligent systems to improve the planning and scheduling of logistics operations in the refinery industry

  • 2

    Is one of the only single source vendor application offering a fully integrated solution to management teams in the upstream oil and gas industry

  • 3

    Provides the most comprehensive and intuitive real-time monitoring, investigative and predictive environmental management platform in the world

  • 4

    Helps oil and gas companies get a deeper understanding of the vast data and improve their operations across production, pipeline, and supply chain

  • 5

    New, user friendly and fast software integrating geosciences and engineering to model the complexity of unconventional reservoirs

  • 6

    Helping Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Companies to optimize production and recover more from their assets

  • 7

    Delivers technology to help minimize leak duration, detection time, pinpoint location, and annual cleanup costs

  • 8

    Owns and operates one of the world’s largest land-based drilling rig fleet and is a leading provider of offshore platform workover and drilling rigs

  • 9

    Self-service AI and machine learning platform for optimizing oil and gas wells

  • 10

    OSIsoft is best known for their PI System, which helps connect people, data, and systems

  • 11

    Provides enterprise management software solutions to help convenience retailers and petroleum marketers streamline operations, increase productivity and transform their business

  • 12

    Provides well production automation solution and artificial lifts control to decrease the cost of production, prevent energy wastage, and optimize human resources

  • 13

    eDrilling AS

    eDrilling AS

    Provides drilling and well performance solutions to the oil and gas industry enabling performance optimization, avoidance of NPT, and hazard prevention

  • 14

    Hifi Engineering

    Hifi Engineering

    Develops robust, high fidelity monitoring systems for the purpose of licensing to oil and gas service companies

  • 15

    Intelometry Inc.

    Intelometry Inc.

    The company is a technology and consulting services company that specializes in retail electricity and natural gas market operations

  • 16



    Provides one of a kind ‘Analytics-as-a-Service’ platform to oil and gas industry

  • 17



    Provides customizable rig-monitoring hardware, software, communications, display technologies and data storage with uncluttered and user-friendly interfaces

  • 18



    Provides a range of solutions offering to modernize oil and gas production such as project orchestration, hydrocarbon production and logistics, and operational integrity

  • 19

    SteelPointe Partners

    SteelPointe Partners

    The company is an IT management consulting, professional services and outsourcing firm

  • 20

    The Marsden Group

    The Marsden Group

    A global technology company, specializing in the upstream Oil & Gas market to provide digital asset monitoring, remote operations and supply chain management